'Jesus Christ being dead, his soul descended into Limbo, that is to say, the place where the souls of the patriarchs and saints who had died since the beginning of the world were kept in a state of expectation. These holy souls loved and praised God, looking forward to the coming of the divine Liberator, but they were excluded from heaven, because the gate thereof had been closed against mankind by the sin of our first parents, and was only to be opened by the death arid resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the presence of his holy soul united to his divinity, the spirits of the just, even in their prison, began at once to enjoy that happiness which they had so long and so ardently desired; nevertheless, they did not ascend into heaven till the day of the ascension, because it was fitting that he who by his death, threw open its gates, should himself be the first to enter. It was on that day, then, that they entered heaven in his triumphant train, and took possession of the reward of their labours.'

St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle