'Having paid their due reverence to the Lord, and ended the joyful canticles, which related to his glorious ascension, the angels and the holy Fathers began to rejoice together. And what tongue can express, or mind conceive, that which passed between them at this happy, happy meeting? The blessed spirits first began to congratulate them on their arrival, saying in this manner: "Ye princes of God's people, ye are welcome to our eternal habitation, and we rejoice and are glad at your arrival: ye all are gathered together, and wonder fully exalted with our God; Alleluia. Therefore rejoice, and sing to him who so gloriously ascendeth to heaven, and above the heaven of heavens: Alleluia."

. . . the holy Fathers again joyfully replied, "To you, princes of God's people, Alleluia: Our guardians and helpers, Alleluia: Joy and peace for ever, Alleluia: Let us sing and make mirth to our king and our Saviour, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Now we joyfully enter into the house of our Lord, Alleluia: to remain forever in the glorious city of God, Alleluia. As sheep of our Lord's pasture we enter his gates, Alleluia : With hymns and canticles, Alleluia: For the Lord of power is with us. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia." For according to the prophet, "The Lord is ascended in shouts of joy, and the Lord in the sound of a trumpet."'

St. Bonaventure