'Wherefore our afflicted Lord, during his agony in the garden, exclaimed. "Is this, therefore, O men, the reward that you render me for my immeasurable love? Oh, if I could only see that, grateful for my affection, you gave up sin and began to love me, with what delight should I not hasten to die for you! But to behold, after all my sufferings, so many sins; after so much love, such ingratitude; this is what afflicts me the most, makes me sorrowful even unto death, and makes me sweat pure blood:" "And His sweat became as drops of blood irickling down upon the ground," So that, according to the Evangelist, this bloody sweat was so copious that it first bathed all the vestments of our Blessed Redeemer, and then came forth in quantity and bathed the ground.'

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori