Mary, Our Hope
by St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Mary, thou art Hope the brightest,
Love most pure and sweet;
Life and peace I find, reposing
At thy blessed feet.
When I call on thee, O Mary,
When I think on thee,
Joy and pleasure all-entrancing
Fill my heart with glee.

If anon the clouds of sadness
Rise within my heart,
When they hear thy name, O Mary,
Quickly they depart.
Like a star on life's dark ocean
Shining o'er the wave,
Thou canst guide my bark to harbour,
Thou my soul canst save.

Under thy protecting mantle,
Queen beloved, I fly;
There, I wish to live securely;
There, I hope to die.

When I come my life to finish,
Mary, loving thee,
Then, I also know, dear Lady,
Heaven is gained for me.

Cast thy gentle bonds around me,
And my heart enchain,
Prisoner of love for ever
Safe will I remain.
Thus, my heart, O sweetest Mary,
Is not mine, but thine:
Take it; give it all to Jesus;
Ne'er shall it be mine.